Krumtap Polini EVO 130cc

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The POLINI racing crankshaft is a very high quality and cleanly crafted disc valve crankshaft. It's specially balanced and outfitted with tungsten balancing weights. The connecting rod is outfitted with upper and lower lubrication bores/slits for optimal lubrication and is massively reinforced. Stress proof qualities and lubrication are really in the foreground here. Longer timing allows a larger filling and more power. Stamped in balancing weights together with further balancing borings are sealed with resin. What comes out is a very quiet motor with less vibrations.

Conclusion: high end crankshaft for all those not wanting to ride reed valve.


Racing crankshaft / 51 mm stroke / 97 mm connecting rod / 20/20 mm / M12

Racing crankshaft with ø 82 mm crankweb (flywheel side), Ø 87mm crankweb (disc valve side), balanced, 97 mm connecting rod, oil seal housing 20 mm, bearing housing 20 mm, stump cone with M12 thread, includes connecting rod bearing

For Vespa 90-125/PV/ET3/PK/S/XL/2 
disc valve, stroke 51,0mm, conrod 97,0mm,cone 20/20mm, M12

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