HEIDENAU Dæk 130/70-11

499,95  m/Moms
( 399,96  u/Moms )

Passer til Alu fælg 11"

Mærke: Heidenau
Model: 130/70-11 60M TL K62
Load index: 60 M

Prisen er pr. stk.


Model/varenr.: H20173
Vægt: 3,9 kg
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The HEIDENAU K62 is a favourite tyre for mopeds and scooters, and one which rises to all everyday challenges – rain or shine.


The HEIDENAU K62 was originally designed as a winter tyre, but it feels perfectly at home in all conditions. That makes it a best seller at KYLE.DK.

  • Reinforced design
  • Open block tread and high tread depth
  • Increased riding stability

The HEIDENAU K62 is the uncrowned king of wet conditions, with the optimum grip in any weather and on any road surface. The additional lateral grooves prevent complications when starting. The special longitudinal groove and the open block tread pattern further enhance the riding stability in rainy weather. Combined with the high tread depth, the modern tread compound of the HEIDENAU K62 ensures exceptionally long durability. With its reinforced design, the HEIDENAU K62 is fully reliable, also at temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius and over.

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